Wordpress Detailing Website

Client requested a "flashy, modern and classy" update to their website promoting automotive detailing, wrapping, and protective coat business. Logos and copy text was provided by client - waiting for remaining copy. The images were found on creative commons and were edited in Photoshop by myself to fit the requested direction. Prototypes were designed in Illustrator and XD.
Their existing website was setup on Wordpress and the owner was comfortable with the CMS enough to make changes as needed so I attempted to keep the configuration as similar as possible.
I used Underscores as my parent theme template to give me the most flexibility with the design. Due to the nature of Underscores, all CSS, JS, and responsiveness needed to be written from scratch.

Tarot Reader Webapp

My wife started learning to read tarot cards and that inspired me to see if I could write a program that's been divinely inspired. The initial concept was written in BASH and NodeJs with a client interface. I then wrote the web interface and converted the initial program to its' new clothes.
Updates were made to include card lookups with full descriptions written by none other than my wife who inspired the project. Major arcana cards have been illustrated by hand using Adobe Fresco and Illustrator with more cards on the way.

Vanilla Class Demo

An assortment of a week's vanilla Jacascript demos. We were covering flashy vanilla CSS/Javascript interactions to Design/Web students.

Video header with responsive navbar

Responsive video background for class assignment in eye-catching, lightning-fast CSS. Video was sourced from creative commons and edited in After Effects.

Javascript Nature Parallax

A rolling parallax intro for a website written in vanilla code to be used as a class curriculum assignment for learning Javascript/CSS interactions.

Space Lounge Party Invite

Mobile website made for event information with live artists.

Javascript Interactive Typeface Header

Javascript header made to imitate the "Loki" TV show intro. The result was to be used in a class project and as such used vanilla JS and Google Fonts.

Demo Page for students to test responsiveness

Website made from class demo for students to learn basic responsiveness techniques.